'Model Confessions' Tumblr Shows What Happens When Mean Girls Hit the Internet

The Internet is an awesome place full of cute cat memes and amazing Cyber Monday shopping deals. It's also a terrible place where things like the Model Confessions Tumblr thrive. This blog, like so many others aided by the anonymity that the Web allows, is a hot-bed of body shaming and female objectification. Because we don't have enough of that already, now do we?

Model Confessions is a Tumblr where model-obsessed individuals can post photos of their favorite or least favorite models and either phrase them or pick them apart based on physical appearance and ability to do their job. As Ashley Hoffman of Styleite writes,

It’s a tough read. Not surprisingly, the models are treated like props who are nothing more than visual objects that exist to be picked apart. The user-submitted posts aren’t all bad though. The site is a combination of praise for the user’s favorites and cruel reasons why different runway models are unattractive. There’s even someone leading the fight against supermodel criteria because it’s just way too loose. These people deserve to have all their computer cords stolen before they can submit another confession.

Pretty much sums it up. Websites like this one are good for absolutely no one. They are designed to tear these models apart as if they aren't humans but just plastic dolls to hang clothes on. Plenty of the comments are designed to be flattering, but the concept is gross either way. Women need to stop insulting one another and constantly assessing each other's physical appearance. I get that models signed up to be in the public eye, but just because they are visible it does not mean they deserve to be so relentlessly scrutinized.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As people and as women, we need to stop being so damn mean to one another. Even if someone is famous, you still shouldn't post cruel things about them online. Famous humans are still just that — human. I'll leave you with this positive message from Twitter user @CaileNoble:

If you want to make yourself angry, head over to model-confessions.tumblr.com. Don't say I didn't warn you.