Who Plays Janeane Garofalo's Ex on 'Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce?' Michael Weaver Is A Former Super Trooper & Reality Show Phony

Prepare yourself to be shocked: Bravo's newest show isn't a new Real Housewives franchise. But in Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce , their new scripted show, they are still exploring similar themes of middle-aged women trying to figure things out while they struggle with work, motherhood, and navigating the world of dating after their marriages ended. And one of those women is Janeane Garofalo's Lyla and her ex, played by Michael Weaver.

And Lisa Edelstein's character Abby isn't the only one who's experienced a divorce. Janeane Garofalo plays Lyla, Abby's darkly humored friend and lawyer; Lyla has also gone through her own divorce, which informs her gloomy POV about what Abby's going to do. Weaver plays the offending former husband Dan on the new series, and their disagreements will serve as half comic relief, since they are two experienced comedians/comic actors. But they'll also be a cautionary tale, as Abby tries to make sure her relationship with her ex doesn't become totally negative — even though she's struggling with the revelation that he's cheated on her.

But since Weaver and Garofalo will presumably be carrying much of the comedy weight of the episodes, it's good to know that Weaver has plenty of experience being funny in his other work:

He's a Former Super Trooper

Weaver got his big break when he appeared in the Canadian comedy Super Troopers. It's a big, broad, raunchy movie about state troopers patrolling the highways, and it's where Weaver learned his way around a punchline.

He Pranked Joe Schmo By Playing a Faux A-Hole

wordyousaid on YouTube

I might be the last remaining person alive who loves the old Joe Schmo Show, but this fake reality show was filled with improvisers and actors who would turn out to be huge, from Kristen Wiig pre- SNL to David Hornsby, otherwise known as Rickety Cricket from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia . Weaver appeared in the reboot season from last year, playing Randy, that one guy who's always a huge jerk on every reality show. So far, no one else from his season has become a breakout star (except for Lorenzo Lamas)… maybe Weaver is due to be the first.

You May Want to Steer Clear of His Twitter

While Weaver has some truly epic #TBT photos (the one above is priceless), a lot of his other Tweets might make you cringe… or, in my case, become very, very confused. Sure, he spends a lot of time talking about sports (he's a huge Seahawks fan) or promoting projects that he's in (like reruns of Franklin and Bash ), but he also spends a lot of time saying things like "Michael Brown made fatal decisions" on the day his character was killed. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but that's not particularly endearing.

His TV Ex Won't Appear Beyond Season 1

It was recently released that Janeane Garofalo, who plays Weaver's ex, won't be returning beyond the first season of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. That could mean that we'll only be able to see Weaver onscreen for a limited time, or, maybe somehow he'll take Garofalo's place among the ladies.

Image: Carole Segal/Bravo (2)