Does Kathy Griffin Have Enough Fashion Cred To Host 'Fashion Police'? Let's Analyze Her Past Ensembles

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In case you haven't already heard by now, Kathy Griffin is officially the new host of Fashion Police on E!. The Fashion Police announcement comes three months after host Joan Rivers's sudden death. Although speculation about the host replacement has been swirling around the entertainment world for weeks, Griffin reportedly said previously that she wasn't sure if the position was right for her. Griffin and Rivers were friends, and it only makes sense that Griffin may have been a little cautious about filing such large shoes. But in the same spirit of her late friend, Griffin is direct, harsh and unapologetically blunt — all qualities necessary for filling Rivers' spot.

But isn't there something we're forgetting here? This is a fashion show. Of course it's necessary that whoever replaced Rivers would have to be blunt and shocking enough to criticize celebrities' outfit choices and make people laugh all at the same time, but doesn't she have to, you know, be interested in fashion? When I thought about this I realized that I couldn't name a single thing about Griffin's personal sense of style, so I thought a proper wardrobe analysis was in order. So, here it is: From 2001 until today, here's a run-down on some of Griffins best, worst and most questionable looks. You can decide whether she's qualified for the host position or not.

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