Hasselbeck Has Found Her Home On 'Fox & Friends'

In the world's most unsurprising news ever, Elisabeth Hasselbeck's new gig at Fox & Friends seems to be a perfect fit, if her first show is anything to go by. She giggled and smiled widely the entire time, rubbing elbows with the closest thing America has to conservative royalty, Donald Trump, as her co-hosts tittered good-naturedly.

Although Fox and Friends is not everyone's cup of tea, Hasselbeck's comfort and perkiness on the set was a marked departure from the tense disagreements and heated discussions that had been a mainstay of her time with The View. She has spoken out previously about her belief in the type of programming Fox & Friends provides, so her move appears to be good both for the future of her career and for her dedication to family friendly programming. Let's just hope Donald Trump is right, and that she did in fact, "make the right choice" by moving to Fox News.

The only issue I could see arising in the future from this move is that Hasselbeck is liable to blend into a rich background of conservative pundits and outspoken guests. Her role on the The View was divisive, gaining viewers from both sides of the political spectrum. However, as one of many on Fox & Friends, it's possible that Hasselbeck's input won't be as heard beyond her platform as the signature (and only) female host. I, for one, hope that her involvement in the discussion extends further than the chirping and grinning we received this morning, but regardless, all one has to do is take one look at her desperately happy face to realize that the switch from morning primetime to conservative talk show is one that will make Hasselbeck, and her fanbase, very very happy.