A Video Round-Up of Tom Singing... You're Welcome

What can't this man do? A better question might be, what won't this man do? Seriously, Loki is no evil man in real life, and Tom Hiddleston brings all kinds of joy to people's lives. Like when he is filmed singing pretty much every music genre you could possibly imagine. Ever since it was announced that he would portray Hank Williams in I Saw the Light, I've been wanting to check out Tom Hiddleston's singing voice. Well, let me tell you, he's quite talented. From rap to Shakespeare to Michael Jackson to Disney, Hiddleston can (and will) sing it all. Just ask him!

Would you like to see Hiddleston in action? Of course you do! Well, I've complied a nice round-up of videos (nine to be exact) capturing the actor's lovely singing voice. Trust me, if you love listening to his accent, then you're going to enjoy each and every one of these videos. Also, this is the perfect way to prepare for Hiddleston as Hank Williams in the upcoming film. Just think how amazing that soundtrack will be, not to mention how many copies will sell thanks to Hiddleston.

Now, slyly put on your headphones, pretend you're doing work, and try to watch Hiddleston singing without a smile on your face. Yeah, it won't happen. Enjoy!

He Does "Happy Birthday" Like a Pro

Will Smith Would Be Impressed With His "Miami" Rap

He Sings & Dances in Shakespeare's Cymbeline

There's No One Who Can Sing Like Hiddleston as Captain Hook

The "Bear Necessities"? More Like "Hiddleston Necessities"

Drinking Beer & Singing "Stand By Me" Makes for a Good Day

Michael Jackson Would Be Honored With His "Man in the Mirror" Rendition

Hiddleston Singing "Get Loki" to the Tune of "Get Lucky"

Lastly, His First Time Singing a Hank Williams Song Live

Thank you, Tom, for your singing greatness.