11 Easy Holiday Cookies That You Can Actually Pull Off And Are Still Incredibly Delicious — PHOTOS

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A lot of people in this world fear that their friends will use them for their looks or their intelligence or their bodies, but I’ve always known what I’ve been used for: my ridiculous obsession with bringing baked goods everywhere I go. I have a sweet tooth that could rival Cookie Monster’s and no repentance about it, so you can either hop on board the cookie train, or I’ll just eat all the cookies I brought by myself, thank you very much. A lot of my friends mistakenly think that I’m really good at baking because I do it so much, but the truth is I just find the easiest recipes that look the most delicious, and BAM—fabulous artery-clogging junk food for all.

So release all of that holiday baking anxiety you have. If you play your cards right, you might not even have to bake at all. But if you are going to hazard to turn on your oven this holiday season and serve your family and friends gratuitous amounts of cooked butter and sugar, then look no further than this list for advice.

Just to prove how totally doable all of these recipes are, all of these photos are from actual, mortal humans who made them. They're not those fancy, unrealistic, possibly-not-even-real-food cookbook photos. Good luck, fellow lazy bakers, and godspeed.

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