Emma Watson & Harry Styles Made Fans Go Wild, But Would The Other 2 Harrys Make a Better Match?

I'm going to ruin this article from the onset by saying that when I myself heard that Emma Watson and Harry Styles were the Internet's new 'ship, I was climbing on board the deck immediately. You might be overwhelmed by how badly the Internet wants Watson and Styles to become a couple, but I'm ecstatic about it. I mean, sure, I haven't forgotten that Watson is dating Matthew Janney (as far as we know), but as you will soon see, the fact that two people are already in relationships has never stopped me from dreaming of a world in which they are seeing each other instead. Which isn't to say I don't support Watson and Janney, because I want the actress to be happy. All I'm saying is Team Hemma, you guys.

However, Styles is far from the only Harry in Watson's life. She came to our attention from the Harry Potter films and she was born in the country that has a Prince Harry in the direct line of succession to the throne. It seems that Harrys crop up wherever Watson goes, so how are we supposed to know if Styles is really the one we should be rooting for? Maybe we should be supporting the union of Watson and anything Potter-related. Maybe we should be dreaming of calling her Princess Emma. This is a very serious debate that is deserving of serious consideration. Which Harry is the best match for Watson?

Harry Potter

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  1. Technically speaking, Watson was with Harry Potter for 12 years, from her screen test and eight auditions to the release and press tours for Deathly Hallows — Part 2. Even now that there is a clear separation between Hermione Granger and Watson, the two still get frequently compared, especially considering how similar the actress is to the character she is best known for.
  2. All right, I'm going to out myself here once and for all. I was, and still am, a Harry Potter and Hermione 'shipper (best known in the fandom as Harmony). So anything involving the actress who played Hermione and Harry Potter is making my dead 'shipping dreams come true.
  3. Harry Potter is a part time hero and full time people saver who is a tolerant believer in equal rights for all. (Not to mention a pretty feminist character.) Meanwhile, Watson is a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women and the pioneer of the He For She campaign, inviting men to feminism. They could save the world together.


  1. Hermione Granger wanted Ron Weasley, not Harry Potter. Even I know that. Romione will always own canon and, in real life, Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry, have always viewed each other more like siblings and best friends than viable romantic partners. Mostly, anyway.
  2. Watson was with Harry Potter for 12 years. He saw her through puberty. Isn't it about time she leaves him behind and goes out to see what the rest of the world has to offer? Look how much she's accomplished without him. She doesn't need Harry anymore.
  3. Harry Potter is a fictional character. I mean, their relationship is kind of a fundamental impossibility. So. There's that.

Prince Harry

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  1. Watson would get to be a freakin' princess. That's it. That's the whole thing. What further pros do you need than to be the next Kate Middleton?
  2. From playing strip billiards to that awkward moment Prince Harry wore a swastika to a theme party, the younger (though not youngest) prince of England is not without his controversies. Scandal-free Watson would be a perfect balance to him and help keep his image squeaky clean.


  1. Watson doesn't date famous people. Is there anyone in the world more famous than the British Royal Family? Prince George alone had his own Wikipedia page before he was even born.
  2. The same pro above can also be a con. Prince Harry is a controversy magnet who doesn't seem inclined to settle down any time soon. I hate to say it, but Watson is probably too mature for him despite being six years his junior.

Harry Styles

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  1. The fans went absolutely wild for this potential pairing. How is that a pro? Um, do you know how hard it is to get a male celebrity's fans to accept the woman in his life? Many Directioners still refuse to accept Eleanor Caldor, and Louis Tomlinson has been dating her for over three years. And don't even get me started on the initial reaction to Haylor. But the overwhelming opinion of a possible Styles-Watson union was, "YES PLEASE!"
  2. When Styles and Watson met so he could present her with a British Style Award, what did they talk about? According to E! Online and Watson, the subject of their conversation was He For She. The 1D member wanted to talk about feminism? I bet Watson was trying not to swoon.
  3. They're both not that into this whole fame thing. Watson has always been uncomfortable with her own level of fame, while Styles has to deal with his own share of awkwardness. Like that time his fans made a shrine to the spot he vomited on the side of the highway.


  1. Cons? What cons? Prayer circle for Hemma to happen starts... now.

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