Taking A Long Flight For The Holidays? Here Is Exactly How To Keep Your Skin And Hair Looking Healthy — VIDEO

The trip home to see your family during the holidays is always worth it, but traveling during the holidays can turn you into a life-size version of a troll doll, both in mood and in hair, especially if you're in for a long haul flight between ridiculously crowded airports near Christmas. There are so many factors that you have to keep track of: booking the flight itself (if you're going domestic, now is the best time to book, so go, go, go), making sure you have all your gifts for family and friends with you, and remembering to tote along that embarrassingly fluffy neck pillow/hood that you rock like a boss all flight long. In the midst of all of this, taking care of you tends to take a backseat, which is make even rougher by the fact that airplane air is super dry and full of germs, and generally the perfect space to throw your skin totally out of whack. Fortunately beauty blogger Lindy Tsang has plenty of tips for keeping your skin healthy during unbearably long flights.

Anyone who has ever been on a long flight has probably experienced firsthand the perils it does to your skin. When I get off a plane and see my reflection, I sometimes wonder if I've actually just gotten off of a time machine and become my 15-year-old self—whose insane, horrible skin is this? Not grown-ass, diligent moisturizer me, that's for damn sure. The culprit is the low humidity of the airplane cabin making your skin dry, and causing oily skin to get even oilier. Tsang's first line of defense? Remove any and all make-up before you fly, and keep your hair out of your face as much as possible.

She also suggests different moisturizing products and facial masks that you can use to protect your skin while you (hopefully) sleep, and all the little hygiene protocols we might neglect in the insanity of traveling. And as a bonus, she even gives you tips on how to look like the human version of yourself when you do your make-up post-flight, instead of the internationally-traveling zombie that you might have become. Nip all the acne in the bud so you can look good in all the crazy holiday cousin pictures by taking Tsang's advice:

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