'Parks and Rec' Meets 'Harry Potter'

With every passing day, we grow just a little bit closer to Parks and Recreation's sixth season London-set premiere, and, with it, my life gets a little closer to being complete yet again. Thankfully, NBC isn't leaving us without any table scraps to tide us over until the premiere: The network has just released two new clips from the Parks and Recreation premiere and, as expected, they're excellent.

In the first clip, Leslie, Ben, Andy, April, and Ron take in some of London's culture with a trip to Buckingham Palace — but Andy is predictably a little confused about where they actually are, and he possibly got real-life history mixed up with Harry Potter history.

Meanwhile, in the second clip, proud American Ron plays tourist in his very own way, and heads around the city comparing Big Ben to a normal clock and commenting that the Sears Tower is more majestic than anything in London. When he tries to buy a postcard at a street kiosk with American money (it obviously doesn't work out) he taps into what little knowledge he has about the royal family before heading off to judge London even more.

You can check out the two clips below. As previously reported, Parks and Rec will kick off on Sept. 26th with an hour-long premiere set in London, following Leslie as she receives an international award for women in government.