'Hart of Dixie' Season 4 Premiere Synopsis & Photos Are All About Zade

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Say it with me, people — Hart of Dixie Season 4 is premiering early. Which is really the greatest gift any of us Bluebell fans could've hoped for from The CW this holiday season. The Rachel Bilson-starring series was originally supposed to premiere in January 2015, but it's been confirmed that Hart of Dixie Season 4 will premiere on Dec. 15. If you were thinking that this news couldn't possibly get any better, it just did. The CW has released the Season 4 premiere synopsis and episode stills and it looks like Zade will get a reunion on Hart of Dixie .

The CW released nine photos from the Season 4 premiere, titled "Kablang," and, unsurprisingly, seven of them feature Zoe and Wade at various points of reunion. The synopsis reveals that Wade, obviously, decided to stay in Bluebell, but Zoe's not having an easy time getting him to embrace her love. So, how will it go? Based on the photos, we've got some predictions.

Image: Patrick Wymore/The CW

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