Eva Chen Gives Fashion Advice On Facebook, And It's A Must-Read For Anyone Wanting To Get Their Start In Magazines

Okay, is there anyone better to solve all of our beauty and fashion woes than Lucky Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Eva Chen? I don't think so: She's made quite an online presence for herself — she updates her (gorgeously curated) Instagram account multiple times a day, pretty much every day of the week, she has an adorable SnapChat account, and her Twitter boasts almost 100K followers. She's kind of fashioned herself into the ultimate girl next door — because she's not some high-falutin' magazine editor; she's the best friend you dish to about the hottest new lippy you just picked up.

Well, after completing a Reddit AMA last June, and the occasional Twitter takeover, it would seem that she's turned her attentions to Facebook (which is another reason why she's awesome — Facebook reaches an entirely different demographic than either Twitter or Reddit would, so she's really casting a wide net here). Today, she took over the Lucky Magazine Facebook page, and held court for an hour, answering pretty much every question volleyed her way. And luckily for us, her advice was as far-reaching as her social media presence: She covered everything from breaking into the fashion industry to keeping your skin hydrated (and how to get hair like Violet Incredible)! She really went to town — and in her own words:

Let's take a look at some of her best answers:

On the best course of action for a fashion-savvy college senior:

"NYC definitely has the most prospects. My top advice is to NOT wait to look for jobs until you move here. Start networking and talking to people now. Reach out to your career services or alumni offices and ask them for help!"

On her leaps forward, as well as missteps, career-wise:

"I think my first internship opened a door for me and let me peer into a world I never even knew existed. From that point, it was all about working really hard and saying yes to every opportunity that came my way. I never got into fashion magazines for the parties/clothes/glamour. I think that also helped me along my way. I love the medium of magazines, sharing with the reader, helping them find something they might love! Missteps… hmm… I think every mistake I may have made has helped shape me into who I am now, so not really?"

On how to make a fashion blog that stands out...

"One with a unique and great voice. There are so many blogs that are gorgeous girls in gorgeous clothes. I want someone who has a unique POV and voice/style!"

... And a successful Instagram account:

"Find a few things you will be able to post consistently about—for me, it's manicures, what's on my desk, what I'm reading, etc—and stick to that to start off/build an audience! And it's often better not to post than to post a super blurry picture. Super blurry or less than perfect pictures can live on Snapchat!"

On the problem of staying moisturized and healthy on a plane...

"I usually travel with sheet masks from brands like SK-II, Tony Moly (less $$) or Shiseido, and a LOT of hand sanitizer because planes are disgusting. I also hoard sample sized products when I get them… Oh, and I love Weleda and Elemis' oil capsules. They are great for travel because you can just bring a few on the plane. I tend to reapply 1 for every 2-3 hours of travel. And try not to wear too much makeup when you fly!"

... And the problem of unpaid internships in expensive cities:

"Start local. Are there any magazines or newspapers you can intern with in TX? There must be! Have a few of those under your belt before you make the move to NYC and that will help!

And last, but not least:

On her must-have staples:

"For this winter: combat boots, sweater dresses, faux fur jacket, and a cashmere beanie. In general: one amazing black dress that's versatile, one pair of pointy-toed black pumps, and the perfect pair of jeans for you, whether that's skinny or boyfriend, etc"

I don't know about you, but I'm pulling my faux fur jacket out of the back of my closet, stat!

Images: Getty Images; Instagram