Who Is Natalie DiDonato? 'Mob Wives' New Cast Member Seems To Already Have an Alliance

We're just hours away from the premiere of Season 5 of VH1's Mob Wives and I don't think any of our ears are ready for the decibels they're about to endure. The return to Staten Island also brings us the return of Karen from Season 3 and the extended trailer reveals a brand new cast member, Natalie DiDonato — that's right fans, we've got two Natalies and I suspect that's going to be a battleground. We've got a lot to learn about the "new blood" and how she'll fit into the Mob Wives family. On her Facebook page, Natalie said to her fans, "Thanks guys for the support you know I'm gonna bring it and be entertaining." She seems pretty tough in the new trailer, but it also looks like she's taking it all on with a sense of humor.

The roll out for the new season has been as big and bad as you'd expect. There's even a meatball truck in New York City currently being operated by the cast. I'd say the Wives and VH1 know their target demo pretty darn well. The big theme for Season 5 is, "Trust No One." Except for meatballs, I can always trust meatballs. Before we get to know the new Natalie when she debuts on Mob Wives, here's what we already know about her.

She's a Philadelphia Woman

William Thomas Cain/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's not just that she hails from South Philly and went to Temple Univerisity that makes her a true Philadelphian, but it's that she knows how to answer the cheesesteak question like a real local. A fan posted on her Facebook page and asked whether she preferred the famous duelling Philly cheesesteak makers Pat's or Geno's. Her response was, "Neither lol it's a tourist spot...the best is Jim's, Steve's [and] Phil's no Genos [or] Pats it's rat on a roll." I'm more of a Tony Luke's and Pudge's kind of woman, but I'd take Jim's over the tourist traps any day. American "wit," thank you very much.

She Manages & Promotes a Philadelphia-Area DJ

Her Instagram profile suggest she's the booking agent or promoter for DJ Major. His Twitter account is loaded with praise and excitement for the upcoming season of Mob Wives.

She's a Knock-Out

Or should I say, she could probably knock you out.

Her Alliances & Enemies Have Already Formed

From the super-trailer we can see that Big Ang isn't a fan of the new Natalie — I can't help but think it has something to do with her tight relationship with Renee.

She's Charitable

Now that DiDonato is on her way to being a reality star, she's using that position for good. She'll be hosting a charity event in Philadelphia on Dec. 6 that benefits Women Against Abuse and Toys for Tots. Finally! A night out we know won't end in a fight... hopefully.

Images: MobWivesVH1, DJMajor215/Instagram; Getty Images