Kim Kardashian Salutes the Troops

She's letting her patriotism shine! On Nov. 24, while touring the United Arab Emirates to promote her latest perfume line, Kim Kardashian stopped by the U.S.S San Diego aircraft carrier to visit the U.S. troops stationed in Abu Dhabi. I guess you could say Kardashian was channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe, after all she does consider herself the "modern-day" version of the iconic blonde bombshell.

On Monday, the reality starlet shared photos of her trip via Twitter and Instagram. Several of the photos showcase Kardashian posing with servicemen and women, along with her showering those bravely serving our country with kisses. One of the photo captions reads, "Kisses to the troops! Thank you for all you do! Was an honor to meet you all."

Despite all of the harsh criticism Kardashian receives, like that little-known nude Paper magazine cover, at least she's honoring and respecting those stationed all over the world defending our home and its people.

With all of that said, let's have some fun, just like Kardashian seems to be doing in these photos. Why not offer up some captions for each image? I'm pretty sure I'm a mind-reader, so this will be a great test to put my skills to good use.

"Look at this beauty fighting for our country. Girl power!"

"My kisses aren't just for Kanye and North..."

"Hey, this photo of me and handsome men would fit perfectly into my next selfie book!"

"Kanye, I think I found our new ride. Do you think it fits a car seat?"

"Forget those military boots, I can totally fly jets in heels, but only if I don't get knocked over by the wind."

"I call this runway walk 'the salute to Kim and her troops!'"

All jokes aside, I think it's great that Kardashian took time out of her day to show some U.S. and military respect.