41 Quirky Fashion Gifts For Your Peculiar And Fantastical Fellows, Because Shopping For Boys Doesn't Have To Be Boring

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December is here, which means one thing is on all of our minds: holiday shopping. If you're like me (a hopeless procrastinator, that is), then you're probably only starting to even think about potential gifts for your loved ones now (though some of you will still be a few weeks away from that point). The thing is, holiday shopping is great. It provides an opportunity to browse through the mall and visit all those e-retailers in search of the perfect gift — the gift that you put a lot of thought into; the gift that shows your friends and family just how much you listen to and care about their interests. But the other thing is: gift shopping is one thing. Gift shopping for men is an entirely different — and far more complicated endeavor.

I don't have many men in my life, per say. There's my father and my brothers. And there's my partner. Whilst the former group is all about the "classics" (think polo shirts and solid colors and Levi's), the latter is not so "easy" or "simple." My boyfriend has one of those undefinable styles. It would be easy to know what to get if he had a look — ANY look. But he just likes what he likes, all fashion genres aside. The only similarity I've noticed amongst his favorite wardrobe items is a certain sort of quirkiness. It's not the "hipster" thing and it's not the all-out dorkdom thing, either. It's just a uniqueness — a fashion uniqueness that a lot of guys have (in one variation or another), but that you can never quite put your finger on.

All that being said, shopping for the quirky man in your life doesn't have to be one big, massive migraine. It can be fun. It can be super fun, actually. Because more and more retailers are catering to the fact that dudes like weird things just as much as women do. And that makes this whole process a lot more fantastic. Now, where to get all these things in girl-form?

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