Stunning Pregnant Women Dance In Kmart's Latest #ShowYourJoe Holiday Ad, And It's Kind Of Amazing

Looks like Kmart has a thing about bellies this holiday season. In what is probably the strangest marketing strategy of the 2014 Christmas season, Kmart has just released their follow-up ad to November's Jingle Bellies campaign (you've might have caught the commercial featuring a bunch of beer-gutted dudes playing Jingle Bells on their stomachs). This one is also heavy on the tummies, but this time around the Kmart ad features pregnant women dancing to "Santa Baby." So. There's that...

The commercial, directed by Wondros’s Christian Weber, is a part of the #ShowYourJoe social media campaign for the popular underwear and pajama brand, Joe Boxer, designed specifically to garner tons of YouTube views. And that it definitely will, considering there's something so can't-turn-away bizarre about a bunch of mommies to be shaking it to those double entendre lyrics. The pajamas sure do look comfy-cozy though, so I suppose that that's all that really matters. “PJs are such a big part of holiday traditions, with people often giving them as gifts and families wearing them Christmas morning,” points out Jamie Stein, the Kmart VP of public relations. “So we thought this would be a neat way to bring ladies in on the act this year and celebrate these bellies as a fun and festive new twist.”


What's actually really cool about this ad (despite its admitted weirdness), is that those are no fake baby bumps you see. Those models were really and truly preggers! It's unsurprisingly unusual for dancers with a bun in the oven to be able to find work, but Kmart scooped up models who all happen to be in their last trimester. They also cast two extra pregnant dancers just in case any of the models had an early Christmas delivery before they finished shooting. Judging by the size of those bellies, a totally understandable precaution.

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