Rock Legend Headed to 'Once Upon a Time' Spinoff

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is going classic rock. According to EW, rock legend Iggy Pop — cue "The Passenger" getting stuck in everyone's heads right now — is headed to the ABC fantasy show to voice the Caterpillar, originally from Alice in Wonderland. Yes, the hookah smoking, perpetually high caterpillar himself ... it's all kind of a perfect fit.

If this decision has left you slightly confused because the Caterpillar has already appeared on the original series, Once Upon a Time, don't worry; you're right. Yes, the Caterpillar has already appeared on OUAT, and no, Iggy Pop was not voicing him — instead, the character voiced by another legendary rocker, Roger Daltrey in an episode last season, but as Daltrey wasn't available for this new series, producers went in a different direction.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland is from the creators of Once Upon a Time, and will star Sophie Lowe as Alice, lost in Wonderland with the White Rabbit (John Lithgow), the Cheshire Cat (Keith David), the Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha), and the Queen of Hearts herself (Barbara Hershey).

It's set to premiere on Oct. 10 on ABC, at 8 PM.