Does Oliver Queen Have a Kid? 'The Flash' & 'Arrow' Crossover Brought Back his Ex-Girlfriend & Her Big Secret

Of all the things that happened in the jam-packed crossover episode of The Flash and Arrow , this is the one no one could have expected. The first half of the two-part event reminded us that Oliver Queen has a secret child, and we just got a glimpse of the baby mama herself hanging out in the coffee shop Jitters. What we know about Oliver's ex-girlfriend and child is so far pretty limited. The woman doesn't have a name, but we do know from Season 2 of Arrow that Oliver got a girl pregnant in high school, and that his mother paid her off to leave with the kid and pretend that she had a miscarriage. It's been awhile since that plotline was even mentioned, which leads me to think that her inclusion in this episode means that this mini-Oliver is about to get some major airtime.

So why is this woman only popping up now, and what is she doing in Central City? One guess is that this is where the unnamed woman fled after Moira Queen paid her off, but there is the possibility that her being there was just a coincidence. She certainly did seem shocked to see Oliver sitting there with everyone, and he was the one who ran smack dab into her, so it doesn't look like she wants anything from the alleged father of her child. Clearly there is going to be some other unavoidable, driving force that brings them back together. If they decide to rekindle a romance, could she be a potential love interest for Oliver on Arrow?

What I am more curious to see is the actual kid in question. We still have no idea if the child is a boy or a girl or how old they are exactly, or if they have any of their dad's ultra-justice tendencies. I think Oliver would make a great dad, especially in the "here, let me show you how to climb and shoot arrows and be a total badass" spectrum. It all just depends on if he ever finds out.

Image: Diyah Pera /The CW