Caitlin Snow & Felicity Smoak Made 'The Flash' & 'Arrow' Crossover Worthwhile, So They Should Team Up More Often

I'm sure that anyone reading this article right now definitely saw part one of the awesome The Flash and Arrow crossover from Tuesday night, and are now just waiting impatiently for part two. Well the wait is almost over as the Arrow crossover portion, "The Brave and the Bold," airs Wednesday night on The CW. But while it's very exciting to get to see Barry and Ollie work even more together (can they do this all the time please?!), see Cisco weirding everyone out, and watch Diggle's confused and freaked out reaction to Barry's metahuman powers (absolute brilliance), the best part of the crossover was that it featured two of the coolest, smartest and most badass ladies working together. Caitlin Snow and Felicity Smoak got the chance to really work side by side and help each other out in ways that will be extremely fruitful for both of their teams. While Felicity upgraded S.T.A.R. Labs' systems to be more technologically advanced, Caitlin agreed to help Felicity do some DNA testing and scientific research to determine Sarah's killer. Watching these two awesome women working in tandem made me wonder: What if they could do it all the time? What would a Caitlin and Felicity partnership look like?

Well one thing's for sure, every day in the office with both of these women would be Cisco's favorite day. But more than that, they already provide their respective superheroes with the most comprehensive knowledge of their surroundings and the villains they must defeat to protect their cities.

The idea of female, highly intelligent sidekicks is not uncommon. The CW did an amazing job with this concept on Smallville with the memorable character Chloe Sullivan, who to this day might still be my favorite character on that show next to Lois Lane. While Chloe began as a romantic interest for Clark (who ultimately was too busy pining for Lana Lang to truly consider Chloe), she ended up learning about his secret and became his greatest confidant and partner. She became Clark and the rest of his superhero friends' Watchtower and she was even cool enough to make the Green Arrow realize that she was worthy of being a romantic heroine as well. Sounds a lot like what Felicity and Caitlin are both shaping up to be, don't you think?

If Caitlin and Felicity actually got the chance to work together on a regular basis, The Flash and The Arrow would never have to worry about their safety, as these two incredible ladies (along with the assistance of Cisco) would literally think of everything if they were working on cases together.

But what if they had the chance to go solo and solve crime together? While it's true that neither has super powers nor can shoot a bow and arrow like Oliver, they're both smart enough to put together some great ways to defend their respective superheroes and solve problems that occur in the field. I think with the right training, either woman could really take on whomever they feel to be endangering their city. They're both strong enough, smart enough, and moral enough to do what they feel is right. The only thing is, they just work so well as the voice of intelligence and reason behind the superheroes on their respective shows.

Let's just get Caitlin and Felicity working together with The Flash and/or The Arrow more often. Together they fulfill every nerdy girl's dream of saving the world.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; arthurdrvill, edyferrone/Tumblr