The Hashtag Glove Tweets What You Say, Because Typing Those 140 Characters Can Be Super Exhausting

Finding the time to tweet is easy enough when the weather is warm or you're stuck in side all day. And it's important too; how else would people know your inner-most feelings about the Peter Pan Live! TV special and awkward family functions and you know, other stuff, like social injustice and politics? It's obviously important that we voice every thought that enters our head throughout the day—the founders of Twitter knew that. But what about when you're outside and it's freezing? You know when it gets so cold that your fingers suddenly start to feel like swollen, frozen hot dogs (sorry for that visual) and typing becomes impossible? When that time comes, how exactly are you supposed to send out your little nuggets of wisdom to the Twitter world? Well, some guys from Olin College have come up with a solution: The Hashtag Glove. Yes, voice-dictated gloves that tweet whenever your hands symbol a hashtag now exist.

According to the four college students (yes — they're just in college...feeling like you haven't reached your potential yet?) who invented the glove, the technology behind the tweeting glove is really quite simple.

“There’s conductive fabric on the tips of the fingers, and we put a voltage across them,” one of the creators told the Daily Dot. “And then you just short it, and it detects when you short the signal. It’s really basic.” Yeah! Super basic! Totally.

Right now, the gloves are just in the prototype phase. Although they do have a Twitter page for the product, it seems mainly to be a testing Twitter feed for the gloves themselves.

OK, so maybe these tweeting gloves are still in the beginning stages, but they're still pretty cool. Technology that allows me to tweet without even grabbing my phone? My coach potato soul is happy — but, like, the cold-weather version? Because no one wears gloves inside, right? Alright, I digress.

If you're still wondering exactly how/if the gloves worth, don't worry; there's a video that (sort of) explains it all.

Keenan Zucker on YouTube

Jimmy Fallon is gonna be #sopumped.

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