Ed Westwick Scored An Invitation To Chuck Bass' Dream Event: The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — And His All-Night Instagramming Was Adorable

The 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was filmed last night, and the Internet is all aflutter with the results. This year, the Angels packed into their private jet for a jaunt across the pond, taking the glitz, glam, and lingerie to London for the very first time. Two "Fantasy Bras" encrusted with millions of dollars worth of diamonds made their way down the runway, whilst Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande earned their wings, and Taylor Swift debuted "Style," solidifying that she and Karlie Kloss are the most glamorous best friends on the planet. Yet the most adorable news in relation to the biggest event on the Victoria's Secret calendar was Ed Westwick's wish for an invite being granted and his corresponding fanboy moment.

It only makes sense that Ed Westwick would end up front row for the angel's debut in his hometown because, you know, he's Chuck Bass. The Gossip Girl star posted a selfie to Instagram the day before the show with a note that read: "Dear @Victoria's Secret, the #VSFashionShow is finally in my hometown, squeeze me in?" Lucky for him, Ed Razek, Victoria's Secret's chief marketing officer and the show's executive producer, is in the business of making dreams come true. After corresponding with Razek on Twitter, Westwick landed himself a mere few feet from where the models would strut their stuff and was totally stoked about it. A social media fairy tale come true, the 27-year-old Brit showed up in said front row looking all Chuck Bass–like in a well-tailored suit, documenting his excitement throughout the night on Instagram. Let's watch the fandom progress...

Taking his turn on the famed pink carpet

Still in shock that his plan worked so well

Loving his front row digs

Posing for a quick picture with his new "hero"

Enjoying the show, owning that front row, like a Bass

Keeping a momento, as any true fan would do

Mingling, as one does

I think I speak for the women of the world when I say, thank you Ed Razek. Westwick showing up to the VS Fashion Show and channeling everyone's favorite bad boy was icing on top of an already super sweet cake!

Images: Instagram/edwestwick