Who Is Alicia Vikander? Michael Fassbender's New Lady Friend Is an Up-And-Coming Swedish Star

Michael Fassbender, an A-list actor most well known for his X-Men and Inglourious Basterds roles, plays an on-screen husband to an actress named Alicia Vikander in The Light Between Oceans, an upcoming thriller set to hit theaters sometime in 2015. But now it looks like they've taken the relationship off-screen as well. Michael Fassbender is "casually dating" his costar Alicia Vikander, reports E! Online. On Sunday, the two were spotted together at a Sydney beach while off set. He went surfing and they later shared a meal. So who is Alicia Vikander anyway?

Although the Swedish-born actress is not as well known in Hollywood as her new flame, the 26-year-old stunner has an impressive filmography — mostly in Swedish productions. And in recent years, she has expanded into an international setting of movies. Her role in The Light Between Oceans, based on a New York Times bestselling novel, might make her even more of a household name.

After getting mostly Scandinavian exposure for Swedish film and television roles, such as the 2007-2010 drama series Second Avenue, Vikander got a lot of attention and praise for her role in Pure, a 2010 film about a troubled girl involved with an older symphony conductor.

Director Lisa Langseth raved about her to The Independent:

I think Alicia has something which is very uncommon. Maybe it's a cliché but I think it's true that some people have faces that the camera loves. You can look at her face and you can see so many different levels of her soul at the same time. Her face tells a story in every picture.

In the 2012 UK film Anna Karenina, Vikander appeared alongside Keira Knightley. Though Vikander's character was on screen for far less time than Knightley, some critics suggested that she stole the show.

"[Vikander] ... modulates stunningly from flighty impulse to a chastened, trembling realisation [sic] of what love can mean," raved Tim Robey, from The Telegraph.

It will be exciting to see where Vikander's career takes her with this new movie — and to see if her new man comes along for the ride.