Will Friedle's Eric Matthews & 'Girl Meets World' Will Finally Collide, So Get Ready For Mr. Squirrels

What on Earth happened to Eric Matthews? That has been one question I've had since the announcement that a Boy Meets World sequel series was going forward. Now that question is about to be answered: Boy Meets World's beloved Eric Matthews is coming to Girl Meets World . It's happening. Oh, and the episode title? "Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels."

Girls Meets World is reuniting Rider Strong's Shawn Hunter with the Boy Meets World universe during Girl Meets World's Dec 5 episode, along with Cory's parents. Cory's brother, though, is sadly absent from the holiday proceedings. He won't stay absent for long though: Will Friedle, who played Eric all throughout the series, tweeted a photo of the script for his return episode to his twitter Wednesday.

The photo in question (below) shows the script covered in hair — quite a lot of hair, actually. The episode's title is a reference to that memorable (read: greatest ever) Boy Meets World episode that showed a future in which Eric had changed his name to Plays With Squirrels and married a moose. This is a rather worrying future for the beloved character, but the wig indicates some kind of callback to that episode. It's a pretty safe bet that Eric has gotten into some interesting stuff since Boy Meets World's finale — perhaps he really did write that manifesto — but here's to hoping he hasn't actually married a moose.

But yes, it is about time he met his niche.

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Image: ABC