Kesha's Lawyer’s Claims That Dr. Luke Raped Lady Gaga Are Completely Out of Line

This is completely unbelievable. One day after the Howard Stern interview in which Lady Gaga revealed she was raped as a teen, speculation on the identity of her attacker is at the center of some major controversy. Mark Geragos, the attorney representing "Die Young" singer Kesha in her sexual assault and emotional abuse lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke, posted a series of tweets insinuating that Dr. Luke raped Lady Gaga. While representatives for both Gaga and Luke have since denied the claims made by Geragos, the fact that he took it upon himself to name the perpetrator is totally irresponsible and insensitive.

If anyone should be revealing names, it most certainly should be Gaga. Divulging the individual's identity should be her choice, which seems highly unlikely to happen given the fact that she was clearly hesitant to discuss her experience in the first place, and furthermore, she already refused to name her attacker during Tuesday's interview. Unfortunately, none of that seems to matter to Geragos, who continued to further demonstrate his thoughtlessness by responding to those who questioned his tweets by saying, "I said it because it's true."

After Lady Gaga's admission surfaced, Geragos took to Twitter to play a disturbing game of baiting followers into naming the singer's purported rapist:

After one follower mentioned Bill Cosby, Geragos responded with the hashtag #nope, but it didn't stop there:

The attorney later tried to tie Gaga's revelation to the many women who've come forward with stories of being sexually assaulted by Cosby over the past few weeks, claiming that the allegations have "made others more courageous about coming out." The major problem with that statement is that it applies to the rape survivors themselves — NOT someone who uses supposed secondhand knowledge in such a dangerous and reckless manner.