Adam Levine Sent Behati Prinsloo Enough Roses To Fill An NYC Apartment Because He Skipped The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Imagine you're Behati Prinsloo. Life is going pretty well. You've hit the genetic jackpot, you are a famous model and oh yes — you are married to Adam Levine. You can't really complain. And you're busy too, of course: You just flew to London on a plane full of other supermodels and walked the runway for the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show that we all sort of hate/love. But given that your husband is arguably the most famous male pop star right now, he's a little busy filming a hit television show and couldn't attend the fashion show. Womp womp. See, guys, no one's life is perfect. But fear not: Adam Levine sent Behati Prinsloo roses to make up for the fact that he had to miss the show. And by roses, I mean it was roughly enough red roses to fill my entire apartment from top to bottom.

The photo of Prinsloo and the roses was posted shortly after the VS runway show (which I'm sure you've seen photos of by now). She looks gorgeous and happy and pretty much how I would hope to look if I ever recieve 3.5 bagillion roses and post a photo of them and me on Instagram. Not that I've ever imagined that for myself. Of course not.

The caption of the Instagram read, "I love my husband!!!!!!!!" Yes, 10 exclamation points. Basically 1 million roses for every exclamation point. OK, I exaggerate, but it certainly is the largest bouquet I've ever seen.

Alright, now back to imagining I'm Behati.