Gwyneth Might Stop By Your Salon

What would you do in you were getting your hair done at the salon, nose deep in the latest issue of Vogue, when — out of nowhere — Gwyneth Paltrow graced you with her presence? Yep, could happen. Along with celebrity hairstylist David Babaii, Gwyneth Paltrow will be visiting Blo Blow Dry Bars, surprising customers as they get their strands styled. Last week, they stopped by the Dallas store (unfortunately, it’s still under construction, so no one got the surprise of a lifetime). So, where are they heading to next?

Paltrow is traveling from salon to salon in order to help promote the newest Blo locations. The salon’s been doing pretty well recently, and now they’re ready to launch over 50 new locations, including spot in Des Moines, Miami, and London. Babaii’s will even be helping the stylists out by teaching them new techniques. Hey, if he styles Paltrow’s hair, he must be pretty good at his job.

And, who could be a better spokeswoman for a salon than Paltrow herself? Whether she’s rocking long tresses or a sleek bob, she’s got pretty great hair. Am I jealous of it? Just a bit. A tiny, tiny bit.

While you’re patiently (LOL) waiting for the duo to make a stop at your salon, check out this video the pair made in Texas.

Images: Getty, @bloheartsyou/Instagram (2)