Do You Green Lingerie Is Made From Pine Needles, But The Recycled Fabric Is More Beautiful Than You’d Think

When I found out about this lingerie made from pine needles (yes, pine needles,) I admit, I was picturing something a little more, I don't know, spiky? Like, wreath-inspired bandeaus and pairs of boy shorts that resemble hedgehogs. I was mistaken, though — Do You Green lingerie is actually beautiful, and it's eco-friendly.

The company was started by French architect turned lingerie designer Sophie Young 10 years ago with a sustainable fashion manufacturing process in mind. When Young was researching and developing the undergarments, she discovered that they weren't only environmentally conscious, but also silky soft and non-allergenic. The fabric itself, which isn't made with any of the harmful chemicals that standard lingerie involves, is made in the company's workshop in the village of Tunisia, France.

According to the Mail Online, "The pine needle fabric is a vicose," a company spokesperson said. "Like viscose rayon, which is a fiber made from regenerated wood cellulose, this fabric is regenerated pine needles. Structurally it is similar to cotton, which is almost pure cellulose."

“It is not only an industrial revolution, but also a whole new way of life,” Young told British e-commerce retailer Liv, which carries the line and calls itself "the ethical department store." The undies land around $23 to $30 per pair, and the collection also includes bras, tees, tanks, robes, and men's boxer briefs.

See? Not a spike in sight!

Images: Courtesy Do You Green