Britney Spears Really Missed an Opportunity

Good Morning America carted hundreds of "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)"-clad Britney Spears fans on school buses to the Las Vegas desert this morning for the pop star's "mysterious" "big announcement." Which turned out to be not so mysterious after all: The rumors are true, people... Spears is headed to Las Vegas.

The exclusive announcement, revealed during an interview with GMA: She'll be taking up a two-year residence at Planet Hollywood in Sin City, where she'll be performing in a 50 show-per-year revue titled Britney: Piece of Me, which will feature some of the pop princess' greatest hits and will bring the "club atmosphere" to the stage. Tickets for the show go on sale Tuesday.

Of course, during her GMA appearance, Spears was also asked to weigh in on Miley Cyrus' VMA performance, since she's had some of her own scandalous moments on the very same telecast. (Hello, nude jumpsuit and Madonna kiss!) After stating the obvious (whenever you take a risk, there will obviously be backlash), she showed her support for the newly single Cyrus by saying, "She's doing her thing. She's being herself. I give props to her." Nice one, Brit. You pop stars need to stick together.

Spears' new single, "Work Bitch," has reached No. 1 in 36 countries since it's debut and her eighth album, which will be released on Dec. 3 (joining a very heavy fall music season, which also boasts releases from Cyrus, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna).

In other news, Pop Princess Brit looked damn good, albeit a little Gaga-esque with her shield-like sunglasses and plunging neckline. She arrived via helicopter, which is pretty cool, but was that enough for fans who fielded the heat to watch Spears merely make an announcement, and not perform (as was rumored)? Why didn't the "Work Bitch" singer take her own advice?