'AHS' "Tupperware Party Massacre" Promo Delivers Dandy, Dandy, And... Oh Wait, More Dandy

You know what AHS doesn't have nearly enough of? A blood-thirsty maniac with a soul-curdling grin and a penchant for bathing in blood. Oh wait, it hasn't plenty of that. And if AHS ' promo for Episode 9 ("Tupperware Party Massacre") is any indication, we're about to swimming in a sea of Dandy. Well, not the way he was swimming a sea of... his own mother's blood. Blech.

Still, it seems that we might have some semblance of focus now that Dandy has offed his thinly crooning mother. Gabourey Sidibe is finally back — though she's not been able to do much of anything yet, rather disappointingly. In the scattered, hare-brained promo for next week's episode, we see a snippet of Bette & Dot: Betty and Veronica edition wondering about some nonsense that won't come into focus until the episode actually airs. We also see Dandy going hog wild without his chaperone (and think of what he did to poor Matt Bomer when he had supervision!). Alright, AHS. Let's hop on this Dandy train and figure out what the hell he's got planned in that sick little head of his. Remember when we thought this season's villain was a jawless clown? Yeah, me neither.

Still, the promo doesn't look like it's all Dandy. Our impeccably hairless lunatic appears to finally have a face-off with Ms. Sidibe. This could be really good, but I swear to God if they let him kill her off the way Kathy Bates was wasted this week, I will lose it. (But OK, I'll be back. AHS is like a withholding boyfriend and I guess I just love the chase.)

FX hasn't uploaded the new promo yet, but rest assured it packs a whole lot of this:

Images: Michele K. Short/FX; Giphy (3)