Well, Allison Williams Just Charmed Us

Actress Allison Williams knows that lots of people are watching (or hate-watching) to see how she can handle carrying Peter Pan's tunes in NBC's Peter Pan Live! on Thursday night. This generation has already seen Williams sing her way into embarrassing moments on HBO's Girls, where she plays the uptight and insufferable Marnie Michaels. Previous generations (and musical theater nerds) have already seen legends such as Mary Martin and Cathy Rigby McCoy totally own their turns as the Boy Who Never Grew Up. So all eyes were on Williams as soon as she flies into the Darlings' home and belted the well-known classic "Never Never Land."

She sported a very interesting British accent as Pan while wandering into the Darling's home searching for his shadow. Williams charmed Wendy (played by Taylor Louderman) — and viewers — as she sang the ode to his beloved home, which Pan describes as the magical place "where dreams are born and time is never planned." The 26-year-old actress had a lot to live up to and I can't say she can't carry a tune. She can definitely sing (albeit with that British accent) and sounds way better than her Girls' character Marnie Michaels. But can Williams keep it up all night? We shall see.

Martin and McCoy enchanted audiences with the song while starring as the eternally young boy. Martin originated the role of Peter Pan on Broadway in Peter Pan, The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up and won a Tony for it in 1995. She also starred in three NBC telecasts of the musical in 1955, 1956, and 1960, earning an Emmy for the TV edition in 1956.

McCoy was so good at playing Peter Pan and loved it so much that she's been playing the part on and off since 1974. The former champion gymnast earned two Tony nods and retired from playing the character in 2013 at age 60.

Image: Virginia Sherwood/NBC