Item-By-Item Costs For The "Blank Space" Video

You know where there's a pretty big "Blank Space" these days? Somebody's bank account. Because now (thanks to some intense research and I'm assuming many, many viewings of Taylor Swift writhing by a fire place and stabbing an innocent dessert) someone figured out the exact cost of everything in the "Blank Space" music video. And considering how many priceless objects she guts, stabs, throws into a pool and/or smashes with a golf club, it's unsurprisingly a lot.

There are a few things from this list, though, that might surprise you. Proving that the greatest revenge is always looking fabulous, the clothes in this music video cost significantly more than any of the weaponry. I wonder if they got to rent any of the clothes she wears, considering that the video has wracked up over 136 million views since its release, and we've all not-so-secretly aspired to dress just like her and also stand on horses (which, by the way, are also pretty expensive to maintain). Overall, the entire cost of the music video comes in at a predicted whopping $240,400.59, which is roughly only half of T. Swift's monthly red lipstick budget, so NBD.

The most expensive item of clothing on the list: the Oscar de la Renta Lamé Bow Embroidered Tulle Dress that we see when she is hanging up the painting, and then promptly never see again. Here is approximately three seconds of $6,490:

But the majority of the price of this video comes from the $175,000 Vintage AC Cobra, and I'm guessing they didn't rent it out for cheap on account of, well, this:

The cheapest thing in the music video is the apple she holds for the camera at $4.50, so if you want to be just like Taylor and you're on a budget, Honeycrisp is the way to go. Although, still, let's be real: $4.50 for an apple is pretty whoa. Here's more:

Vintage AC Cobra: $175,000, at auction

Renting the Oheka castle Olmstead Suite for one month: $32,850 at $1,095 per day

Altazurra for Target lace eye mask: $54

One Scottish fold kitten: $1,000

La Perla Tearose underwire bustier: $1,188

Boarding and care for two white horses for one month: $2,000, at $1,000 per piece

Two Huffy Panama Jack cruisers: $378, at $189 per bike

19th century gold gilt regency style frame: $2,950

Three tubes Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Lipstick in Red Velvet: $60

Three Doberman Pinschers: $3,600, at $1,200 a piece

Christian Louboutin Viveka platform sandal: $895

Kate Ermillo Tailor Bow Shorts: $995

Ralph Lauren ankle strap heels: $995

Dolce & Gabbana leopard skirt: $1,295

Sergio Rossi side zipper detailed boots: $1,095.01

The list goes on forever; you can read the rest over at The Billfold .

And if you haven't seen this music video yet, allow me to usher you back into humanity. Enjoy watching three minutes of splendor that costs more than most houses:

Images: YouTube