Ranking Taylor Swift's 20 "Blank Space" Outfits

by Rosie Narasaki

If you haven't seen it yet, you're seriously screwing up. Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" video has been the talk of the town for a few days now, and I have to say: Believe the hype; it's good. I mean, I'm definitely the target audience (a romantic with a flair for the dramatic and a secret love of Taylor Swift's ), but that said, I think it's something a lot of people can get behind. There's Swift's flawless makeup (her cat eyes and retro red lips are kind of running unopposed at this point), the extraordinary cheekbones and overall face of Sean O'Pry (apparently, he got bashful when Taylor bit his lip), the fairy tale-like mansion and white horse, and last but not least, the clothes.

She wore 20 different outfits for the film, and each was fab in its own right. They span in style from her propensity for woodland fairy-esque digs, to her summer-y New York street style, to her gloriously epic Oscar de la Renta Met Gala ball gown. And what are you going to do with a video less than four minutes long with a whopping 20 costume changes in it? Well, rank them all, of course!

Full disclosure: All of the looks are fabulous, even the lowest-ranked ones — so with that in mind, let's count down from 20!

19. and 20. Her Pale Blue Dress/Her White Dress

Both are respectively pretty enough, but not exactly exciting — especially when compared to some of the other outfits in the video.

18. Her Pastel High-Waisted Shorts

These bowed Kate Ermilio shorts are a touch too twee, even for my tastes (which is part of the message she's trying to get across, but still).

17. Her Beach-Ready Ensemble

This Naeem Khan outfit looks like it hasn't decided if it wants to be a swimsuit or a skirt/crop top yet (though those Fall 2014 Miu Miu pumps are pure amazingness). Also, she totally should have kept the runway-worthy robe/cape!

16. Her riding outfit

Her equestrian digs are a little more lackluster than a lot of her other looks, but then again SHE'S STANDING ON A HORSE.

15. Her Car-Bashing Crop Top

This Kate Ermilio ensemble is pretty rad, and she definitely gets extra points for the golf club.

14. Her Red Gown

Classic Taylor (the gown, not the painting-destroying).

13. Her Disco Ball Dress

More classic Taylor.

12. Her epic collared shirt

Served with a side of epic winged liner and epic matte red lipstick.

11. Her Flower-covered ball gown

Seriously pretty (also, it looks like it weighs about a hundred pounds, which is always a plus in my book).

10. Her sheer black cocktail dress

This dress may have had the least screen time of all, but the stiletto booties and axe make it a pretty badass look.

9. Her strappy black dress

Honestly, I was more focused on her face game than her clothes (not to mention that Snow White-esque apple). That said, this black dress — or what we can see of it anyway — is almost as fierce as her makeup/expression

8. Her Lingerie

Her all-black lingerie outfit is actually quite cute (and Olivia Benson definitely helps in that sense).

7. Her Preppy Oxblood Outfit

Angry Taylor Swift is angry! Also, this crew neck top looks gorgeous on her, as does the (seriously intense) statement necklace. It was hard to get a non-blurry screenshot, but the plaid petal pushers she wore with this outfit were pretty darn amazing too.

(Fun anecdote: My mother's an actress, and she took one look at this image and went, "Someone needs to take an acting class." Ooh, burn, Mom!)

6. Her Beaded Blue Dress

You can never go wrong in Jenny Packham.

5. Her Retro Sundress

A-dorable — and extra points for the excellent side eye:

4. Her Flowy Black Gown

Of course flowy Elie Saab paired with Louboutins and a be-caped man walking three dobermans is going to look fabulous.

3. Her Gold Bow Dress

Very, very pretty (Oscar de la Renta pretty much always is).

2. Her Lacy Black Gown

This Elie Saab gown is a total werq moment, IMHO.

1. Her Leopard Print Ensemble

I actually really loved this outfit, and those Ralph Lauren shoes are absolutely to die for.

So what did you think? What was your favorite ensemble of the bunch? It was certainly hard to choose!

Images: Taylor Swift/Vevo