Tiaras Are Replacing Scrunchies As The New Ego-Boosting Accessory — It's Getting Mighty Glamorous Up In Here

Are tiaras the new scrunchies? At a quick glance the question sounds absolutely ridiculous. Tiaras are meant for little girls playing pretty princess right? Or, you know, actual princesses? But think about it for a minute: There might actually be something here (trust me, keep reading). The New York Times recently reported that tiaras are officially replacing scrunchies as the new go-to accessory, making women feel confident and empowered. I think they're on to something.

How can a bedazzled piece of metal make a grown woman feel empowered, you might ask? eBay Communications Manager Amanda Miller says “If you look historically at great, powerful women, they always finished with something on their head. Think of Cleopatra.” Because tiaras don't have to be those plastic, rhinestone things you get at a costume shop. There is a whole spectrum of grown-up bejeweled head pieces that range from delicate wreaths to full-on Lady Gaga crowns. That final sparkly touch is an automatic ego-booster.

Your next question might be, why are they replacing the good 'ol scrunchie? Simple, the scrunchie is just plain basic, and noone wants to be basic, am I right? One woman says “Instead of a Goody elastic and a boring ponytail, I throw my hair in a bun, put on the headpiece and it’s like, ‘Hello, red carpet!’ ”, and red carpet celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga may be to thank for the tiara trend.

If you're digging this concept but aren't ready to go full on royalty, here are some tamed tiara choices.

Golden Autumn Crown, $48, UrbanOutfitters.com

Rhinestone Headband, $7.95, H&M.com

Cat Ears Tiara Headband, $28.42, ASOS.com