'Boyhood' Is Wonderful But Here Are 11 More Great Coming-of-Age Films from 2014

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When it comes to the year's slate of movies about growing up, Richard Linklater's Boyhood has commanded most of the conversation. And for good reason! The tonally temperate, conceptually magnificent movie is unlike most cinematic depictions of childhood — less a film about the subject than it is a bona fide window into the experience. Shot over the course of 12 years, with star Ellar Coltrane growing up alongside his character Mason, Boyhood had — and took great advantage of — a special opportunity to showcase youth in a way that didn't conform to the narrative demands of most big screen projects. But that doesn't mean that the film's cohorts aren't also worth a watch.

In 2014, we've seen a handful of great stories about the "coming-of-age" journey. Some have taken traditional form, exploring the trifles of love, friendship, loss, and self-image over those always tricky younger years. Others have transplanted to new locale for the genre: army bases, fantastical kingdoms, and British prisons, all in the interest of detailing the unparalleled adventure that is, simply, living when you haven't quite figured out how yet.

Check out this list of 11 great coming-of-age films from the past year — if you liked Boyhood , they might be right up your alley.

Image: IFC Films

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