'Hiccup Girl' On Trial For Murder

Well, this is a weird one.

The infamous "Hiccup Girl" Jennifer Mee, of uncontrollable-hiccuping-on-NBC fame, is now facing murder charges. Mee appeared on an array of American talk shows back in 2007 as a high-schooler, when she was suffering from roughly 50 hiccups a minute and unable to find a cure.

Mee is now accused of luring a Walmart worker she met online to a private home in Florida in 2010, where two of Mee's friends allegedly robbed him. The victim, Shannon Griffin, apparently fought back, and was shot and killed.

Mee is now 22, and her attorneys say that she suffers from Tourette's syndrome, which caused and exacerbated her hiccuping. (After Mee's stint on talk shows, the hiccups stopped on their own.) They claim that both Tourette's and schizophrenia impaired Mee's judgment, and that she did not personally participate in the robbery or shooting. "[Her conditions] won't be used as a direct cause for what occurred, but it might help explain her errors in judgment," said her attorney.

Mee is however claiming that the notoriety of being known for her affliction led to her falling in with the wrong crowd. "I let it all go to my head and just started doing what I wanted to do," she said in 2011. "I took the path of the devil. Instead of keeping my faith in the Lord, I let the devil overcome me."

Jury selection for her trial begins this week. Mee has offered two opposing accounts of what happened: that Griffin was part of a love triangle that ended in violence, and, later, that she had lured him to a private home so that the three could rob him. Mee later retracted her latter statement, and stated that she had been coerced into participating in the robbery.

Under Florida law, a person can be convicted of murder if they committed a felony that led to somebody being killed. Prosecutors have claimed that Mee played an active role in planning the botched robbery.

One of Mee's co-defendants has been convicted of shooting Griffin, and was sentenced to life in prison. The other defendant, who was Mee's boyfriend at the time, hasn't yet gone to trial. Mee has been behind bars since her 2010 arrest, and has spent much of her time in isolation because of her high profile. (Really?)

"I can't tell you the truth 'cause I didn't do nothing wrong," said Mee on her latest NBC appearance. Mee has been granted permission to do interviews, though her prosecutors had advised otherwise. "I'm not guilty of anything."