20 Tea Gifts So Unique They're Guaranteed to Please the Earl Grey Lover in Your Life

It may be hard to believe, but not everyone loves coffee — and you're going to need to find gifts for tea lovers this year too. While we may be faithful to our peppermint mocha, we understand that tea drinkers are just as faithful to their beverage of choice. That's why we've rounded up 20 gifts that are sure to make Earl Grey-addicts happier than ever.

Whether you prefer soothing chamomile tea or have a collection of healing winter teas stashed in your cabinet, these gifts are sure to please. Flip through to find the right present for the tea-lover in your life — or just a little something extra for yourself.

Photo: Etsy.com

Earl Grey Lip Balm

This chapstick will give you perfectly smooth lips with the invigorating scent of a good ole cup of tea.

Earl grey lip balm, $4.50, etsy

Chai Tea Kit

Make your own chai blend with this DIY kit.

Chai tea kit, $35, Uncommon Goods

Manatee Infuser

This adorable mana-tea will brew the perfect cuppa.

Manatee infuser, $7, Amazon

Tea Party Soap Set

Infused with flowers and tea, this soap makes for one invigorating shower.

Tea party soap set, $28, Uncommon Goods

Literary Tea

What pairs better with a book than a cup of tea? A cup of literary tea, of course.

Literary tea, $16, etsy

Tea Bag-Holding Mug

The eternal problem faced by tea drinkers has been solved thanks to this innovative mug.

Tea bag-holding mug, $20, Uncommon Goods

Tea Shirt

Who can resist a good pun anyway?

Tea shirt, $18, etsy

Tea Bag Tub Soaks

If you’ve ever wanted to soak in a tub of hot tea, now you can. Basically.

Tea bag tub soaks, $21, Uncommon Goods

Tea Print

This cheeky print is a hot addition to any wall.

Tea print, $9, etsy

Tea for One Set

Whether you prefer English Breakfast or Earl Grey, this tea set adds some British flair to your cuppa.

Tea for one set, $16, Urban Outfitters

The Tea Cyclopedia

This book provides all the info you need about your favorite beverage.

The Tea Cyclopedia, $18, Amazon

Owl Mug

This mug has a surprise so sweet, there’s no need to add any sugar to your tea.

Owl mug, $25, modcloth

Knitted Cozy

There’s nothing worse than when your tea goes cold, and there’s nothing better than a mug-sized sweater.

Knitted cozy, $15, etsy

Ceramic Tea Strainer

Your tea leaves just got a whole lot fancier with this ceramic strainer.

Ceramic tea strainer, $28, Anthropologie

Tea Tumbler

This wintery tumbler takes on-the-go sipping to a whole new level.

Tea tumbler, $29, Teavana

Cross Stitch

Forget coffee — we all know that tea is the real key to ruling the world.

Cross stitch, $26, etsy

Cocktail Tea

For a bit of a feistier drink, this cocktail tea makes the perfect mixer.

Cocktail tea, $7, Jet

Arizona Tea Ornament

For your friend who can’t get enough of their iced tea, this ornament makes the perfect tree addition.

Arizona Tea ornament, $15, Etsy

Tea Kettle

Boil your water in style with a cute kettle that you’ll never want to take off the stove.

Tea Kettle, $29, Urban Outfitters

Jasmine Bloom Tea

Now your cup of tea will look just as pretty as it is delicious.

Jasmine Bloom Tea, $10, Adagio Teas