Is Taylor Swift Dating Matt Healy?

by Kadeen Griffiths

Listen, I'm as interested in Taylor Swift's love life as the next person, but these rumors are getting ridiculous. I know it's weird for a woman to be as happy being single as Swift is — or, rather, I know society wants us to think that it's weird — but it appears that she can't go anywhere or do anything without rumors flying that she's dating someone there. First, there was the question of whether Swift and model Sean O'Pry were dating after he starred alongside her in the "Blank Space" music video. Now, the question becomes: Is Swift dating the 1975's Matt Healy? Not only did the two exchange numbers, but Swift attended a 1975 concert on Thursday. What more proof do you need?

Everyone knows that if you're in a relationship with a musician, then you have to go to their concerts. That's just, like, a rule. When the word on the street told us that Jennifer Lawrence was dating Chris Martin, our proof was in the fact that Lawrence was (said to be) attending Coldplay concerts all willy-nilly. Sure, she was only actually photographed leaving one of them, and not with him, but, hey, she's a really private person. Surely now that Swift is attending 1975's concerts despite the rumors flying about her and Healy, we should take that as confirmation.

Not so fast.

It appears that while Swift is a fan of the 1975, this concert outing was a total girls' night rather than anything romantic. She went with her friends, models Lily Aldridge and Martha Hunt, and it's likely she was there to support a new friend — Healy. They just exchanged numbers the other day, and wore shirts in support of each other's music, and that seems less of an indication that a romance is brewing as it is an indication that Swift is literally the best friend you could ever have in your life. And according to the small country of best friends she has around her, that sentiment seems to be the actual truth.

Quite honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about Swift and Healy as a couple, but that's not for me to decide. (Just kidding. I know how I feel. Swealy doesn't hold a candle to Haylor.) If something happens between them, it's Swift's choice and her right to decide who and what will make her happy. However, if something is going to develop, then it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. As you might remember from her interviews, Swift is afraid to start dating again because of the pressures of fame colliding with the pressures of a relationship.

She's got a "long list of ex-lovers" and the backlash from that to contend with, so it would have to be someone pretty special to get her to give up her free and easy single life. I doubt I'm the only person who thinks that Swift seems happier now than she ever was before. She doesn't have to end up with Harry Styles (also rumored to be in attendance at the concert on Thursday) or with Healy or with anyone else. You just do you, Swift.