Woman Writes a Revenge Letter to Her Bully After He Asks Her Out Eight Years Later, Booya


When 22-year-old Oxford University student Louisa Manning went to a university ball last Friday night, she had no idea it would elicit a rare opportunity to get revenge on the man who bullied her in school. It all started when the man approached her at the ball, and the proceeded to ask her out on a date on Facebook following their interaction. Although they recognized one another as former schoolmates, the man made no mention of the fact that he had once bullied her for "being ugly" at age 12. She recalls being referred to as "hairy," or "manbeast," terms that would go on to shake her confidence for many years to come, and eventually prompt her to starve herself by skipping dinner or eating very little.

Naturally, then, Manning was shocked when her bully took an interest in her some eight years later, although she has some ideas as to why. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Manning describes her initial reactions to the man's advances:

For the record, Manning now looks like this:

Although she says she considered turning the man down, Manning saw this as an opportunity to seek closure, and a little justice. She agreed to meet him at a restaurant for dinner, but arrived early to arrange a secret plan with the waitress. When the man turned up at the restaurant, Manning told the waitress to hand him a letter she had written, with a picture of her at age 12 attached. Here are its contents:

Ah, sweet, sweet justice. After uploading the note and picture to Facebook, Manning even received a personal apology from her former bully:

While this guys shouldn't have had to be prompted into an apology, it's both heart-warming and vindicating to see a subject of bullying finally get an opportunity to stand up to her tormentor. Although the bully's words certainly cannot compensate for years of shattered self-confidence, at the very least Manning can rest knowing that he has finally been made aware of the emotional damage of his words, which were said eight years ago, but still carry a painful echo in the present. One can only hope that her fellow bullying victims are granted similar moments of justice in the future.

Images: Louisa Manning/Facebook