Live Like A Princess, Literally

E! News has confirmed that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's home on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales, is up for rent. The announcement arrives at the tail-end of Prince William's recent departure from the military and their announcement that they'll be moving into their recently renovated apartment in Kensington Palace. So, if you've ever wondered what it'd be like to live like Kate Middleton, now's your chance.

Will and Kate rented the Bordorgan Home Farm, which sits on an estate owned by Lord and Lady Meryick, during the early years of their relationship. During their time as renters, the Duke and Duchess struck up a great friendship with the Meryicks and were frequently invited to their house for Sunday lunches. The house itself has four bedrooms, beautiful views of the water, access to a private beach and the estuary, and an outbuilding-circled farmyard. Dreamy, private and modest — do you need anymore adjectives to convince you that you want to move there?

Here's another, truly jaw-dropping, detail ... Wills and Kate reportedly paid 750 pounds per month for the place. When converted, that only adds up to $1,200, people. There's no word yet on the projected monthly rent on the place now that it's housed the royal couple, but a girl can dream.

And in my dream world, where I'd be the next inhabitant of the Borforgan Home Farm, here's the first three things I'd do:

1) After the initial shock of walking the same halls as Wills and Kate wears off (which would take a few hours or so, let's be honest), I'd make tea because duh. I'd then probably continue to wander around the house while drinking said tea and contemplate buying a tiara to wear around the house because, again, duh.

2) After unpacking and spending a significant amount of time loving life in my new "royal" home, which is now decorated in rustic farmhouse style, I'd invite my friends over for a tea party or beach party, depending on the season. Because everyone always needs an excuse to take a trip to the U.K., yay!

3) Throw a housewarming party and invite Will, Kate and little Prince George and have zero doubts that they'd come because William's already made clear that he intends to return to the Isle often. I'd also obviously invite Lord and Lady Meryick because we'll be great friends just like they were with Will and Kate and also: Harry Styles.

Here's hoping there's room in the house for me to have this moment: