Why Stocking Stuffers Are Truly the Best Gifts

by Chrissa Hardy

With all those presents waiting for you come Christmas morning, it's easy to sometimes overlook the importance of stocking stuffers. And I get it — one of the best parts of Christmas morning is standing there in your flannel pjs and marveling at the giant pile of gifts under the beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The anticipation is exquisite. Christmas letdown is at least a few hours and 20 unwrapped presents away from creeping in, and you don't really know what lies within those boxes, but you know your loved ones (and Santa) probably hooked you up this year.

The gifts under the tree are oodles of fun to unwrap — don't get me wrong. But for some reason, stockings and their many stuffers consistently seem to get the shaft. Nobody cares about stockings. They're sort of the opening act of an exciting show that everyone mildly tolerates just to get through it and onto the main event. The items that come out of a stocking are always smaller in size and usually in dollar amount spent, and are thus less cool than what's inside the bow-adorned boxes. Stocking stuffers are so much fun though, you guys! Here are all the reasons stocking stuffers are totally underrated Christmas gifts, and why you should get really really excited about the goodies you'll find in your stocking this year.

1. Because you don't trust yourself in Target with money to spend.

Everything you'll find in your stocking probably came from Target. Specifically, the stuffers probably came from the beauty section. And since you plus Target plus beauty products equals overdraft warnings from your bank, it's nice to find these things waiting for you on Christmas morning at no charge.

2. Because free candy is always appreciated.

When you're an adult, spending your hard-earned money on empty calories can make you feel guilty. But free candy? Yes, please.

3. Because hair removal products cost way too much.

Can you imagine how much money you'd save if you decided to stop shaving? Razors and shaving cream are so G-D expensive it's maddening. So when Santa drops a pack of razors and a bottle of fruity shaving cream in your stocking, you feel #blessed.

4. Because even if you hate a stocking stuffer, you quickly get over it.

If you open your stocking before the other wrapped gifts, then even disappointing stuffers aren't that disappointing because you know there will be plenty of shiny toys to make up for it. Also, it won't turn into this whole big thing where you pretend to like whatever it is to be polite, but worry that the person who got it for you doesn't really know you at all.

5. Because now you have one less trip to make to the grocery store.

I usually find coffee, gourmet crackers, unique bottles of spicy sauce, etc. in my stocking, which helps me avoid the grocery store around Christmas time, because crowds are the worst, and everybody seems to just be everywhere from Thanksgiving until New Year's.

6. Because you don't need to waste time unwrapping anything.

Tape, bows, wrapping paper — it all looks nice, but then it turns into a series of obstacles between you and your present. Stocking stuffers are often unwrapped, and all you need to do is just reach in and grab at your goodies, which is so much more fun.

7. Because you will always need more lip balm.

Lip balm is a stocking stuffer staple. And since chapsticks are like bobby pins and are always disappearing, you will forever enjoy a new one.

8. Because just when you think you've emptied your stocking, there's always one more thing in there.

For a split second, you wonder if your stocking has some sort of magical, bottomless trap door.

9. Because we should all consume more fruit.

In my family, the last item in the stocking is an apple or an orange. I forget to eat fruit regularly, ya know? I can always count on this annual reminder.

10. Because it's another way for your family to show you how much they love you.

Stocking stuffers are not usually meant to seem sentimental, but when it comes down to it, they're still gifts coming from your loved ones. And we should always be thankful for the people who love us and for anything we're given, don't you think?

Image: Andy Castro/Flickr; Destiny's Child/Swide, Robin/Uproxx, Charlie Brown/CollegeCandy, Giphy (8)