Kristina Pimenova Is Named The Most Beautiful Girl In the World — and She's Only Eight!

When you think of the most beautiful girl in the world, I'm guessing a Victoria's Secret model, A-list actress, or stylish singer comes to mind. But if that's the case, you're not taking the phrase literally enough. I'm not talking about a woman, I mean a girl. The most beautiful girl in the world has been named — and she's only eight-years-old.

Kristina Pimenova from Moscow, Russia was born in 2005 and started modeling when she was only three, landing such big names as Fendi, Roberto Cavalli, and Armani. She's already graced the cover of Vogue Bambini, and her Facebook page has more than two million likes. And, of course, she's beautiful. But this title isn't just a made up label, Pimenova was given the honor by Women Daily Magazine. So, I mean, it's legit.

But don't worry, this isn't some Toddlers & Tiaras situation. The young model exclusively wears children's clothing and she rarely wears any make-up, so the career isn't accelerating her beyond her years — yet. While she is clearly stunning, I have to wonder if the title of "most beautiful girl" is a bit too much pressure for an eight-year-old, especially when they haven't gone through that awkward stage we all go through. I mean, I was adorable when I was eight, but then puberty hit, and let's just say there's about four years worth of photos of me cut out from family albums. Seriously.

But then again, with that face, I think she might might it through the awkward stage unscathed.

Images: KristinaPimeova/Facebook