This Gangster Movie Style Supercut From 'Worn Fashion Journal' Combines All The Best Mob Wife Fashion

For some families, the holiday season means watching A Christmas Story. Instead, my family rings in the Yuletide with GoodFellas. Chalk it up to being Italian-American. That's why this gangster movie style supercut gets me more in the mood for the holiday season than a thousand Rudolphs.

The folks over at WORN Fashion Journal took the liberty of compiling some of the most memorable gangster-flick sartorial moments in this masterful style supercut of "Goomah's, Molls & Mob Wives."(For some of their other impeccable movie style montages, check out their YouTube page. It's a delightful rabbit hole to fall into). All the hallmarks of the gangster girl fashion and beauty oeuvre are captured in this three-minute rhapsody. Literally. They got EVERYTHING.

The French tips, teased hair, expensive furs, and animal prints come together to form a rich tapesty of tackiness in this mash-up, scored perfectly to The Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me." We see Karen Hill's closet full of sequins and Pucci, the spoils of smuggled cigarettes and high-profile heists in GoodFellas. We see Elvira Hancock's (Michelle Pfeiffer) iconic turquoise satin dress from Scarface. We see Diane Keaton transform from the girl next door to first lady of the Don in the Godfather saga. Then there are the weddings. SO MANY WEDDINGS. Button it up with a couple of scenes of exchanging shopping money (always in cash) and BOOM: the perfect ode to the ostentatious glory of the gangster dame.

Image: Warner Brothers