The CFDA Is Considering Hosting A Menswear-Only New York Fashion Week

An entire week of designer-dressed male models strutting down a runway? A specific week to check out the hottest men's styles (and men in general, let's be honest) in fashion? Another week celebrating the dreamy, gorgeous escape that is fashion? Sounds like nothing to complain about, right? Even if a week-long celebration of men's style isn't really your thing, it might be in fashion's future anyway. According to reports, the CFDA is thinking about creating a menswear-only New York Fashion Week, or New York Men's Week. How do we know this? Emails, obviously.

Apparently the CFDA sent out emails to men's designers back in October to figure out if they would prefer a menswear-only fashion week or not. Based on the fact that women's brands are usually much more dominant at NYFW, the idea could certainly appeal to men's brands who are often overshadowed by women's lines during fashion week.

According to Racked, men's collections have never been a huge focus at New York Fashion Week, partly because of the simple issue of timing.

"NYFW takes place in September and February, but menswear buyers place orders in the summer, after the shows in Europe," wrote the Racked piece.

Given the time issue, plus a boom in the popularity and relevance of men's style (thank you, Kanye West) it would only make sense that menswear would get some individualized love in the fashion week realm, wouldn't it?

“We have a great pool of young talent in America,” Jim Moore, the creative director of GQ, told the New York Times. “That’s something you don’t have in a lot of places. It seems to be the land of opportunity.”

Although the possible date for a men's fashion week is being named as around July 4, the event would take a significant amount of support, money and organization to pull off successfully, especially in as little as eight months (if 2015 is the goal). However, in the world of fashion, anything is possible—and there's no reason why an industry as creative and inspiring as menswear shouldn't have its own chance to shine.