Brendan Jordan, Everyone's Favorite Vogue-ing Photobomber, is Now an American Apparel Model — VIDEO

Our favorite spirited 15-year-old who got caught on tape for his not-so-surreptitious sassy model-esque poses, is now American Apparel's newest model. “We were inspired by Brendan after seeing his fearless act of spontaneity and applaud his efforts with the LGBTQ community,” the ad copy states. This fab teenager has made quite a name for himself ever since his video went completely viral: he’s appeared on talk shows, and even earned approval from his queen, Lady Gaga. Since October, his YouTube account has over 49,000 followers and almost 37,000 people follow him on Twitter. Get it, kid.

Since American Apparel prides itself for its weirdness, hyper-sexualization of just about anything and anyone, and finding just the right niche for its customer base, Brendan Jordan seems like a predictable fit. I’m not exactly okay with a 15-year-old getting involved with such an ethically corrupt and gross company (those hoodies though, ugh, I’ll miss them), but the choice is Jordan’s, and I’m sure there is copious amounts of dolla bills to be made. Plus, he seems genuinely stoked to be one of the faces of American Apparel—and if he’s happy, then I’m not totally pissed off.

Here’s one of Jordan’s American Apparel hauls (are hauls still a thing?). Watch and fall even more in love with this fierce diva:

Image: American Apparel