Frank and Louie, the Famous Cat with Two Faces, Dies at Age 15 — VIDEO

A few years after making the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the longest surviving cat of their kind, Frank and Louie, the famous two-faced cat, has died at age 15. Frank and Louie was a very rare "Janus" cat (a term derived from the Roman god with two faces), which rarely live long. In fact, the day his owner Marty Stevens met him, he was a day old and about to be euthanized. Stevens, who worked at the Tufts Veterinary Center that Frank and Louie was taken to at the time, decided to adopt him instead.

Although he had a bumpy start—Stevens had to tube feed him for the first three months of his life, and was warned that he probably wouldn't even survive their first few days—Frank and Louie eventually thrived, and quickly began to garner worldwide notoriety for his distinctive feature. Of the two faces, each had its own eye, mouth, and nose, but they shared their middle eye and a brain. Stevens says that when it came to mealtimes, Frank was the one who did the eating, but that Louie would nibble along with him.

It was this past Thursday that Stevens took Frank and Louie to a clinic after he hadn't been doing so well over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the veterinarians discovered that he had a really advanced cancer, and Frank and Louie was euthanized that day. He is remembered by his fellow pets (a dog, a cat, and two parrots). Stevens says that after her experience with this remarkable Janus cat, she would love to adopt another.

Shortly after they broke the world record for Janus cat survival in 2011, they were featured in a video from Telegram & Gazette, which you can view below:

Image: YouTube