The Friendship Between This Cat and Rottweiler is Too Precious For Words (Except Here Are Some Words About It) — VIDEO

Some friendships are so intense that your friend not only has your back, but will fully lick and clean your back with their giant sloppy tongue. #FriendshipGoals! Or at least that's the case in this remarkable friendship between a Rottweiler and a cat, which might just be the inspiration for a blockbuster movie that I demand to see in theaters by next holiday season (get on that, Hollywood, thanks). It's clear that these two pets are best bros and have been for a long time, because I have met several cats in my lifetime and I'm pretty sure none of them would submit so easily to the near suffocating affection of their Rottweiler friends.

The most priceless part of the video is the look on this cat's face, which could rival that of the almighty Grumpy Cat (which only furthers my point that these two need a movie since Grumpy Cat already got one). The look on this cat's face can roughly be translated into "I can't help that I'm so popular" and/or "don't screw with me, cuz I've got seventy pounds of Rottweiler that will come at you if you try."

What I love about this friendship is that it blows all the "cats vs. dogs" rivalries straight out of the water. It's not cats or dogs—it's cats AND dogs. (If I just got the CatDog theme song stuck in your head, I'm only a little bit sorry). If the two of these animals who are notoriously pitted against each other can get along so beautifully, then the rest of us should be inspired by them and settle our differences with our arch nemeses, too. In fact, I'm going to take this opportunity to apologize to all the arch nemeses I've screamed at today, including and not limited to: my hairdryer, a door frame, and all three local radio stations that were playing "Jealous" by Nick Jonas at the same time (I JUST DON'T GET IT).

Watch this video and you too will learn how to become a more accepting individual:


Image: YouTube