Zosia Has Gray Hair Now

So, it looks like another celeb has joined the bright colored hair club. GIRLS star Zosia Mamet was spotted with a gray bob at the premiere of A Most Violent Night in New York. The silver look has been pretty trendy these days, with Kylie Jenner and Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco also rocking the silver look.

Mamet’s had some pretty great hairstyles. And by great, I mean she does some pretty rebellious things that I’d never be brave enough to pull off. After all, Shoshanna’s been known to have some pretty funky braids and updos. I mean, how does that bun look WORK?! She was also spotted with a blonde bob this fall. Guess she can’t stick with one look for too long.

Let’s look at this from a GIRLS perspective. Shosh is the innocent, Type A character. Maybe this was Mamet’s chance to do something completely rebellious when they’re on break from filming? Discover the inner badass inside of Shosh? The real question is, will be spotting a gray bob on set? Will there be a mini silver bun on the top of her head in Season 5? Guess we’ll have to tune into HBO to find out..

Honestly? I’m kind of digging it. It’s short enough to look polished, but still looks chic. Maybe this trend will last longer than any of us expected.

Images: Getty, bennettmarcus/Instagram