How Would The Rest Of 'OITNB' Look With Her Hair?

Honestly, is it even fair how perfect Dascha Polanco is? She's a stunning, talented, outspoken actress — honestly, her character on Orange Is The New Black, Dayanara, is probably one of the most fascinating on the show — and can, apparently pull off anything. This was only further proven when Dascha Polanco dyed her hair purple/gray, just in time to make a bunch of highly stylish appearances at New York Fashion Week. I'm so incredibly on board with celebrities continuing the pastel hair trend well into fall, when darker locks tend to take over.

Of course, Polanco isn't the first to rock violet strands — Kelly Osbourne, Rita Ora, and even True Blood's Anna Paquin have done the lavender thing — but she's certainly one of my favorites with the trend. Maybe it's just how thick and perfectly curled her hair is on a daily basis, but she does gray like no one else could.

Since the OITNB cast is so freakin' adorably close with one another (you've seen all their amazing Instagrams together, right?), I can't help but wonder if any of the other women will follow in Polanco's lead. Let's take a peek at who could pull of the look best — erm, second best, since Polanco obviously wins this one.

1. Piper

With naturally blonde hair, gray just doesn't suit her.

2. Pennsatucky

Much more angelic than her everyday brown strands I'd say.

3. Crazy Eyes

OK, not bad! But I prefer her signature twists.

4. Alex

Like Polanco, Alex is hot enough to pull off pretty much anything so... yep.

5. Boo

Well! I thought this wouldn't suit Boo at all, but I think the purple goes quite nicely with her tattoos.

6. Poussey

It's really hard to pull off a shaved head, but Poussey does it perfectly, so she should just keep on rockin' it.

7. Pornstache

Now that's just stunning.

Images: Netflix