Amanda's a Mom for the Third Time!

Celebrity babies are the best, and this week, we get to welcome another one into the club. On Sunday, 2012 and A Lot Like Love actress Amanda Peet gave birth — this time, to a baby boy. This is her third child with husband (and Game of Thrones showrunner) Michael Benioff, and their first son. Peet and Benioff have yet to share what they decided to name their new baby, but it's probably safe to say their daughters, 7-year-old Frances and 4-year-old Molly, are excited to be big sisters.

Peet somehow managed to keep most of her pregnancy pretty low profile... if "low profile" means that no one had any clue she was expecting until she showed up on the Emmys red carpet in August sporting a rather obvious baby bump. How's that for a surprise? Not that I blame her, because the last thing you want when you're pregnant is paparazzi tripping over each other trying to get the best bump shot — I'm just dying to know how she pulled it off. And when she was finally ready to talk about her pregnancy, she shared her baby's gender with People in October, and mentioned she'd been spending much of her pregnancy prepping her girls for their new little brother's arrival.

"They are very excited now," she said. "We'll see what happens when he actually arrives!"

Congratulations! My fingers are crossed Peet decides to tell us what she named her baby soon... and a few pictures wouldn't hurt, either.