Groom Reads His Own Best Man Speech For His Brother With Cerebral Palsy, And It's Incredibly Moving and Funny—VIDEO

Kyle and Korey are identical twins who have been pretty much inseparable since birth. This past January, Kyle got married, but it wasn't the ceremony where most of the tears were shed—it was the best man's speech. Korey, of course, acted as best man, but because Korey has cerebral palsy and wasn't able to say the words himself, he wrote up a best man's speech for Kyle and then asked his brother to read it out loud instead. The first few lines Korey wrote for Kyle to say to their guests: "All my life I have used my voice to help Korey express his thoughts. So today, like always, I will use my brother's voice and say his words for him."

If you don't think you can get through the next part without crying, just know that neither did Kyle nor most of the guests in attendance. The speech that followed was both hilarious and touching, and very meticulously planned. I think part of everyone's dream wedding is simply that we will have people who love us enough to express it in such thoughtful ways. Korey chose from adorably embarrassing anecdotes from their childhood and pre-filmed scenes of himself re-enacting them, and after everyone got a good laugh in (what else are brothers for?), he turned each one of them into a sweet "tip" for Kyle's new wife, Jess. The one where you'll totally lose it? "Jess 411—take it from have a partner for life who will look out you and love you unconditionally."

Then the speech ends the way all good speeches do: happy tears and dancing with reckless abandon to "Sweet Caroline." And it looks like there is a chance that this won't be the only wedding that Kyle and Korey celebrate in the next few years, seeing as in Korey's best man speech he tells his brother to give his girlfriend Blair a rose and a kiss ("But remember—you are married!!). Embark on an emotional roller coaster of craughing (cry laughing) by watching the speech for yourself:

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