ASOS Spring 2015 Look Book Is About 'Festivalwear,' But Think Before You Wear These Pieces to Coachella

The holiday season is in full swing, but designers already want you to be longing for spring. According to Racked, ASOS unveiled the spring 2015 look book and it's all about what the brand calls "festivalwear." Picture what you'd wear if Coachella took place in a ballroom instead of in the desert.

Also known as "festival eveningwear," this look is all about fancier versions of the fringed and floral mini dresses and skirts we see each year at outdoor music festivals across the country (but no feathered headpieces, thank the Lord). While there's a fair share of daytime appropriate pieces — think crochet, ombré, and washed denim — the evening component is significantly more interesting. Racked lists "not one but two holographic mini skirts for your consideration, a sequined chevron co-ord, and a flouncy strapless dress in acid yellow lace" among the offerings, adding "If there were ever a time and place to match your drugs to your clothes, this is it."

The spring lineup is definitely awesome — there's also an array of funky, quirky accessories that are truly perfect for festival goers — but I'd be careful about wearing some of the evening garments into the dusty, sweaty abyss that is Coachella. You wouldn't want to stain this bad boy beyond repair, now would you?

Didn't think so! Here's a sampling of images from the look book. Buckle up, folks; it's going to be a loooong winter.

So, is festivalwear going to find a place in your closet once Polar Vortex 2.0 passes and we see the sun again? Time will tell!

Images: ASOS